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RoboCup 2021 has a new Logo!

We are excited to announce the RoboCup 2021 logo! (Apr. 21, 2021)

You may have not taken part in the historic first RoboCup back in 1997, but now you have the chance to join the first historic fully online RoboCup event in 2021!

We all have experienced tough times due to COVID-19. Now, we are looking forward to a memorable RoboCup 2021 Worldwide! We are a strong and united community solving the most complicated robotics and AI challenges. We will work together to make the world's largest online robotic event an amazing experience for all! The RoboCup Trustees and the Organizing Committee of RoboCup 2021 Worldwide are excited to join RoboCuppers during RoboCup 2021 held on June 22 - 28!