RoboCup 2020 Bordeaux is also travelling this summer… First of all to Biarritz by its presence at the G7 on August 26th, as well as to Africa during the Artificial Intelligence Forum on September 4th and 5th. These two highlights will enable the spokespersons of the RoboCup 2020, organized in June in Bordeaux, to present the competition as well as the associated areas of scientific research, which are in line with current events (particularly in terms of the environment).

RoboCup is present in international consultations

During the G7, Olivier Ly, Organizer of RoboCup 2020, Professor at the University of Bordeaux and head of the Rhoban team (world champion for the 4th consecutive time in the Humanoid Soccer Kid Size league), will present RoboCup which will take place in June 2020 in Bordeaux: one of the biggest Robotics and Artificial Intelligence competition in the world. The different research areas of the competition will be discussed, and special attention will be paid to autonomous robotics, a scientific research area of the competition, which is intended to be an alternative to chemistry in organic agriculture, a current societal issue and in line with the G7’s Sustainable Development theme this year.

RoboCup for economic development

In Africa, the objective is to present the activity of the RoboCup scientific community in order to interest the local scientific community in the creation of new teams until their integration into the RoboCup community, as well as in the development of synergies and collaboration on scientific projects.

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