JUNE 22-28, 2021

parc des expositions

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New schedule for the 24th edition of RoboCup in June 2021

The RoboCup Federation and the University of Bordeaux, on behalf of the local organising committee, announce the postponement of the 24th edition of RoboCup in France TO NOW BE HELD FROM June 22 to 28, 2021. The current situation linked to the COVID-19 led the organising committee to postpone the event for a year and thus make it possible to host the biggest robotics and artificial intelligence competition in the best possible conditions in France. The joint events planned for this occasion, NAIA, EduCamp, Farming, Perseverons conference and the GDR robotics workshop will be hosted next year too. All of the event’s partners, the 3,500 international RoboCupers, the 3,000 robots and the organising committee, will meet you in the summer of 2021, in Bordeaux, for the 24th edition of the RoboCup. The RoboCup Federation will follow up shortly with further information for participants on what to expect in the coming year.

The University of Bordeaux and the RoboCup Federation.

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RoboCup 2020

For its 24th edition, the city of Bordeaux has been chosen to organize the robotics and artificial intelligence competition for the first time in France.

RoboCup 2020 will take place from 23 to 29 June at the Bordeaux Exhibition Center (Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux).

The objectives linked to the time of the event are multiple. Beyond welcoming 40,000 visitors coming to discover the competition, RoboCup is the meeting event for the greatest researchers in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Organised by the University of Bordeaux with the support of the New Aquitaine Region, Bordeaux Metropole and the Ministry of National Education and Youth, this event is for the participants and the entire ecosystem a time for research, innovation and sharing expertise in the scientific community.

24th edition

4 days of competition

3,500 participants

from 45 countries with their 3,000 robots

7 days

of events

40,000 visitors



of competitions and joint events at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre (Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux)

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The organisation of RoboCup in Bordeaux is also an opportunity to highlight the dynamic scientific community in France all year round. Exceptionally growing community in RoboCupJunior : 400 teams today against a tenth in 2017 ! During RoboCup, meet the teams, and discover the possibilities of educational and professional orientation towards these professions.




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The organizers of RoboCup 2020

The University of Bordeaux organize RoboCup 2020. It has appointed a piloting committee led by Dominique Duhaut, Professor at the University of Southern Brittany (Université de Bretagne Sud) and Olivier Ly, Professor at the University of Bordeaux (Université de Bordeaux).

The members of the committee are the main contributors to the organization of RoboCup in France.

RoboCup is a competition, but it is above all a national and international community. A community made up of exchanges of ideas, technologies and people.

Throughout the year, various RoboCup events are held regionally, nationally, continentally and internationally.