A RoboCup2020 Corner on the Cap Science Robots Exhibition

Useful, disturbing, essentials, insensitive: robots question as much as they fascinate. Humanoid, industrial or domestic, they arrive at Cap Sciences… Come and explore this new revolution ! The exhibition dedicated to robots at Cap Sciences is open from July 10th to May 3rd, 2020.


[ Les robots débarquent à Cap Sciences ❗]🤖 Nouvelle grande exposition : "ROBOTS"Utiles, inquiétants, indispensables, insensibles : les robots questionnent autant qu’ils fascinent. Humanoïdes, industriels ou ménagers, ils débarquent à Cap Sciences… Venez explorer cette nouvelle révolution !Du 10 juillet 2019 au 3 mai 2020👉 http://bit.ly/robotsbdx

Publiée par Cap Sciences sur Lundi 8 juillet 2019

In addition to learning and discovering a lot about robots, you can find out what’s in store for the RoboCup 2020 in June.

Indeed on our special RoboCup corner you will be able to see exclusive images of the RoboCup 2020 but also take a picture of yourself with the robot Rhoban, four times world champion with his team!

Enough to become an expert on the subject !

For more information : http://www.cap-sciences.net/au-programme/exposition/robots?fbclid=IwAR3agjh3mvZYFDd3_QJYbArHPGLzQsgd5GIxKJmF4BxU9QeR-WVOBjLXRGk